Talks and presentations

2021 Annual Meeting of Chinese Geoscience Union

October 01, 2022

Li, H., Li, J., Luo, S., Bem, T. S., Yao, H., Huang, X, & Liu, B. (2021). Formation and evolution of the southern segment of the Tanlu fault zone: evidence from full-waveform inversion and deep seismic profiling. Zhuhai, China. (Pending due to Covid-19)

82nd EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition

September 28, 2021

Li, H., Chen, J., Zhao, Z., & Li, J. (2021). A multi-axial perfectly matched layer for finite-element time-domain simulation of elastic wave propagation. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Link

The 5th National Youth Geological Conference

May 01, 2021

Ni, H., Li, H., Miao, P., Deng, B., Lin, Y., & Li, J. (2021). Application of active-source full-waveform inversion and passive-source ambient noise tomography in high-resolution urban subsurface investigation. China.